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Agnetapark in Delft

During the Industrial revolution in the Netherlands, workers were neglected and devalued. It was clearly evident in their housing structures where most of the workers lived in impoverished homes. The Agnetapark in Delft was created to relocate workers which are working in the nearby Factory. The visitors will be able to experience the beauty of the industrial park as it was transformed into one of the most beautiful landscape monuments.


As originally planned the Agnetapark was a relocation site for workers of the nearby factory. The park was bought by the director of the factory to facilitate the housing needs of its workers in 1887. The director believes in the philosophy of good investments on the works, because it will create more motivation for the workers if they are given to meet their housing needs. The Agnetapark was named after the Director’s wife. It was later improved and reconstructed to be an industrial park in Delft City.

What to Expect

The Agnetapark was landscaped in English style Garden, which makes it a perfect scenery for the visitors that wants to create a better atmosphere for their casual strolls. The statue of the well-known wife of the director was erected in commemoration of her contribution in transforming the park to becoming a world class industrial park.

There are almost less than 50 half-detached houses with veranda and other buildings were constructed within the perimeter of the park. There are three principal buildings in the Agnetapark, the main building, a considerable spacious house with a Day Care Center and primary school with a room for dining area and a Gymnasium.

The second principal building is the pavilion where the primary purpose is to cater the primary needs of the workers. There is a convenient store, bakery, music and reception center, and finally the playground for the children. The purpose of this playground is that when their parents are working, their children would be able to amuse themselves on different activities like boat rides; shooting ranges, bicycle rentals and music bands.

The visitors are able enjoy the scenery and the history of the place by the help of tour guides. The industrial park gives more insight on how the industrial revolution changed the life of every worker. The Agnetapark is a perfect example of how improvement of houses affects the workers and their quality of life.

How to Get There

The Agnetapark is open almost every day but the ideal time for the tourist to visits are  from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. Getting to the Agnetapark in Delft is  easy because there are available transportation vehicles that would help visitors to get in there. If you are coming from the Ypenburg Airport you can take a taxi ride which only takes about 11-25 minutes to Agnetapark in Delft. But if you’re just checked in one of the nearby hotels you can take a walk which is ideal for exploring even more the beauty of the Delft City.

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