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Animalpark Oliemeulen

Oliemeulen aapjes

Animalpark Oliemeulen in Tilburg promotes to be one of the weirdest animalparks in te Netherlands. It indeed has some strange animals you can meet face to face, like free roaming little skunks, flying dogs and a snake with two heads. The park is opened 363 days a year, it is only closed on Christmass day and Newsyears day. There are demonstrations with constrictors, tarantula’s and on busy days with birds of prey.

The price for an adult is 10.50 euro’s and allows you to enter the park at 10 am untill 6 pm. There is also a cafeteria where you can get snacks and drinks. For the disabled there is a modified toilet and there are wide doors en hardened paths outside which makes that most of the park is accessible with a wheelchair. The upperfloor of the building will not be accessible as there is no lift, however because of this you will get a reduction on your ticket and the employees will gladly take the animals downstairs so you can still have a look.

Address: Reitse Hoevenstraat 30, 5042 EH Tilburg

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