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Antonius Abt Church – Largest Mosaic in The Netherlands

The Antonius Abt Church is located on the Scheveningseweg in The Hague. The church that stands today is relatively modern as the original structure was demolished in 1925. The present day structure is much larger than the original and was designed by both Pierre Cuypers and his son Jos (Joseph).

Antonius Abt Church History

The new church was built in 1925. Due to pressures from the Protestant community, the church’s design was simplistic in nature. The building is still considered unique because of its neo-expressionist style, which was incredibly popular at the time. The church was designated a historical monument in 1992.

The church’s pastor wasn’t pleased with the idea of having to create a simplistic church. He believed that if he couldn’t show it on the outside, he could show it on the inside. Antoon Molkenboer and Pastor H.J. Van der Ven designed the interior of the church, which is truly remarkable. Marble covers the floor and walls, which complement the richly colored stained glass windows and colorful mosaics inside. Brassware created by the Brom brothers is also featured. Its richly decorated interior is a striking contrast to its ordinary and simple exterior. For tourists visiting the area, the church is definitely a must-see.

Church Organ and Remembrance Mosaic

Antonius Abt Kerk buitenThe organ was built in 1927 by Jos Vermeulan, Alkmaar. Since the church’s construction, the organ has been renovated several times. The latest was in the late 1990s by organist Gerard Legierse.

The Remembrance Mosaic is 12 x 17.4 meters and is situated at the church’s altar. It is the only large mosaic in the Netherlands and the largest north of the Alps in Europe. It was constructed with nearly 2 million stones and was built by Maumejean Freres of Paris. The stunning mosaic is the first thing to greet you as you walk into the church and truly makes the trip worthwhile.

Visiting Antonius Abt Church

Much like other churches in the area, services are held on a daily basis with more opportunities for worship available on the weekends. Visitors can also enjoy a spectacular view of The Hague and Scheveningen from the church’s tower.

Celebrations are held on:

  • Tuesdays: 12:30AM
  • Wednesdays 9:00PM – coffee to follow
  • Thursdays: 12:30
  • Saturday: 5PM
  • Sunday: 10:30AM

The public is welcome to join in on the church’s services throughout the week and during the weekend. Patrons may also be able to tour the church, but it is recommended that you contact the church beforehand for more details.

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