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Aquarenabad is a swimming and wave pool in Emmen, Netherlands. The facility is also home to many local swimming clubs. The pool’s history began on June 20, 1933. The initial goal of the natural pool’s construction was to teach visitors about the importance of swim safety and to provide swimming lessons. It was also a way to attract tourists and create new jobs for those who were unemployed. Two pools were constructed: a shallow pool for kids and a deep pool for adults. The pool opened to the public in 1934. Over the years, Aquarena has expanded and renovated several times.


Aqua Jogging: Classes are available several times a week. Aqua jogging is a gently but intense workout that eliminates the risk for injury.

Aquazumba: Those who are a fan of Zumba will enjoy the Aquazumba class. Dance in the water and burn plenty of calories along the way. This is a fun and unique way to get fit and lose weight.

Recreational Fun

Aquarenabad features an 80-meter water slide that is fun for visitors of all ages. Spend some time in whitewater creek for a truly exciting adventure. Let the water’s current carry you and race your friends to see who is the fastest. Splash Island is perfect for young visitors. There are plenty of fun games for kids to enjoy.

Swimming Lessons

Visitors of all ages can participate in Aquarena’s swimming classes. The following classes are available:

  • ABC: Designed for children around the age of 4. Children receive 2 swimming lessons per week.
  • Nursery Swimming: This class is ideal for children who are at least three years of age. The classes feature fun exercises and games to make swimming fun and exciting.
  • Adolescent Swimming Lessons: Children who are 10 years of age and older can participate in this class.
  • Adult Swimming Lessons: Adult swimming classes are available once a week. These classes are designed to improve your swimming skills or help you overcome your fear of the water.

Fun Activities

Aquarenabad also hosts several fun activities throughout the year:

  • Disco Swimming – A spectacular mix of water, lights and dance. Disco swimming is held on the last Friday of each month.
  • Zwem4daagse – A yearly competition held at Aquarena. Do you have what it takes to beat your competitors?
  • Festival Week – Features fun activities, such as a racing slide, peddle boat race and more.
  • Children’s Parties – Children’s parties can also be held at Aquarenabad.

Visitor Information

Rates and opening hours will vary according to the day of the week and the pool you wish to use.

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