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Are the Dutch getting less tolerant?


The Dutch are very proud to be known as a tolerant people, but recently it seems the view that foreigners have of Holland is not described as tolerant anymore as it once was. In my personal opinion the Dutch people are still very tolerant when it comes to race, beliefs, sexual preference, habits, etc… but it is mainly how The Netherlands got in the media in the last years that has changed the view people have on my little country. As many know a lot of people have the impression that there are a lot of rightwing extremist in Holland, and this is certainly not the case, the change in voting (more right parties) is mostly a protest vote against current popular parties. Unfortunately one political figure, Geert Wilders, has had a lot of foreign media attention because of his sometimes extreme ideas and statements. Further more, like in every country, the way you experience the tolerance of the locals is very dependent of the part of The Netherlands you are visiting. According to a national research centre The Netherlands is still the most tolerant country in Europe.