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Balijbos Zoetermeer – A landscaped forest

Balijbos Zoetermeer

The Balijbos is a landscaped forest in Zoetermeer, it connects the green area’s in the region and although it is artificially landscaped it is looking more and more natural. The forest is a great place for hiking, cycling and activities like it. There is also a play forest at the edge of the forest where you’ll also find children’s farm the Balijhoeve.

Balijbos - FloriadevijverThe forest is maintained by the governmental Staatsbosheer who has been making sure the forest if vital and varied, this means that sometimes trees have to be cut down. By taking away some trees there’s more space for other trees and there will be some gaps where the sunlight can reach the ground, which gives the next generation of young trees, plants and bushed a better chance to develop. If you see a tree with a red dot on it, it is marked to be cut down.

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