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The Basilica of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart is a unique building in the historic centre of Sittard. Known as the Basiliek Onze Lieve Vrouw van het Hart in the Dutch language, this building has been an unforgettable stop for many tourists, architects and other passengers. Designed by Johannes Kayser, it was built in the 1870s and represents an example of the neogothic style from the 19th century.

Art, history and religion

The Basilica of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart - SittardIn 1883 the Church of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart gained the title of Basilica that means royal in the Greek language. Pope Leo XII himself signed the charter granting the mentioned title. We have to mention that it was the first church in the Netherlands to receive that honorary title. The name of the Basilica is linked to the copy of the statue of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart of Issodum that was present in Sittard before the basilica was even built. There was a big number of pilgrims, processions and other people that would visit the statue so they decided that they needed another church. You will certainly notice the statue in the basilica. Another not-to-be-missed element are the high lancet windows that let the sunrays in and compose a beautiful atmosphere. The galleries in the basilica are a very interesting part too. They will lead you through your visit and show you the high altar with the main statue and the paintings. The interior is elaborately decorated with amazing details and colors.

Visitor information

The Basilica of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart is open on different days in accordance to the ceremonies’ schedule, so we advise you to check it before planning your visit. It is located in the historic city centre so it’s easily accessible on feet if you are visiting the other buildings nearby.

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