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Bowling And Party Centrum Hilversum

Bowling Hilversum

Bowling can either be a sport or a leisurely activity depending on one’s mood but bowling can truly be a fun way to unwind, hang out and enjoy the company of friends.  The best place to go bowling in Hilversum is none other than the Bowling and Party Centrum where glow bowling is played every Wednesday and Friday.     And what exactly is glow bowling, you may ask.  Simply put, lights go out and you go your merry bowling way.  It has to be experienced to be fully appreciated.


Traces of bowling as a game dates back to the time of Ancient Egypt and artifacts show that bowling was even played by the Roman soldiers a couple of thousand years ago.  But bowling as we know it now, gained popularity in the early 1900s when both the Americans and the British started adapting rules and bowling associations.

And how bowling has evolved over the years with the following as the more common types of bowling games in North America:  ten–pin, nine-pin, five-pin, candlepin, duckpin and  bocce, lawn bowls, carpet bowls and petanque as the more common outdoor bowling types.  It is enjoyed in about a hundred countries by around a hundred million people.

What to Expect

In Bowling and Party Centrum, everyone is welcome; it is open to the public even to non-bowlers.  It even offers special one of a kind packages to ensure fun and enjoyment.  One such package is the all in free transfer which includes free transportation, unlimited drinks, 2 hour fondue and a good 1.5 hours of bowling.  There are even company or family packages available.

To top it all off, a world buffet and a grand gourmet for the foodies are daily fares for those who really need to have their gustatory fill.   And if customer satisfaction is any indication, there is no greater place to have fun and eat good food.

There is just no limit to amusement, entertainment and excitement especially if the culinary staff does not disappoint with a wide variety of tasty treats that in house restaurants have to offer.  And not to be forgotten, quirky glow bowling sessions on Wednesdays and Fridays.  The company of friends and family with great music and glowing bowls and pins just do not get any better than this.

The place can even accommodate big groups and with prior arrangement, make it an exclusive venue for your company or family or even kids’ parties with six computerized lanes, two restaurants and spacious parking area.  Drinks are served from the bar.

Bowling and Party Centrum is also home to Hilversum’s bowling association, the BIBOB.  BIBOB hosts tournaments regularly to promote the game and encourage membership and participation in the area.

How To Get There

Bowling and Party Centrum is in Noordse Bosje 25, 1211 BD Hilversum.  It is a mere 6minute, 500 meter walk from the town hall following the Oude Enghweg then left to Minister Hartsenlaan then finally turn right to Noordse Bosje.

Regular schedule of operation is from Tuesday to Sunday starting at 2pm and can be reached through phone (035) 624 6302 or through email at info@bowling-hilversum.nl.

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