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Canal Cruise in Amsterdam

Canal Cruise Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s picturesque canals are a big part of the reason why so many tourists flock to the city each year. For first time visitors to the city, a canal cruise should be at the top of your to-do list. These special cruises offer a unique way to explore the city and allow you to see things you might have otherwise missed while walking or biking through town. There are many different types of cruises available to suit any traveler’s needs.

Dinner Cruise

If you are looking for a romantic cruise, Amsterdam Jewel Cruisesis the ideal choice. Passengers are taken for a 2 hour and 45 minute cruise in a stunning wooden boat that was built in 1898. A three course dinner is served by candlelight to create the perfect evening. Cruises only take a maximum of 20 passengers, so you are sure to enjoy a great view.

Evening Cocktail Cruise

Looking to enjoy a cocktail during your cruise? Both the Holland International Cocktail Cruise and Canal allow you to do just that. On the Holland International Cocktail Cruise, passengers are served two drinks and snack foods. However, you do not have the option to choose which cocktails you are served. If you choose, you can also enjoy a glass of wine. This particular cruise will take you through the Red Light District, which comes alive at night. Canal also offers evening cocktail cruises where passengers can sip their favorite drink and enjoy a delicious dinner while sailing through the canals.

Day Cruises

There are several companies that offer daytime cruises to tourists in the city. In addition, travelers can also opt for a private canal cruise for a more personal experience. When cruising during the day, you will have the chance to see how the locals live and catch a glimpse at those who are living along the canals. This unique sight can only be experienced when you cruise through the canals. Most tours also offer information on the nearby historic sights and other information about the city canals.

If you plan on traveling during the summer months, it may be best to purchase your cruise tickets in advance and arrive as early as possible to grab a good seat. When traveling during the off-season, afternoon cruises tend to be less crowded. Most cruises will allow you to purchase tickets online and offer more detailed information on what their cruises include.