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Castle Brederode – Tour The Ruins

Castle Brederode Ruins

Castle Brederode, also known as Ruins of Brederode, is situated near Santpoort-Zuid. The name of the castle is a reference to the wooded area that was cleared in order to build the castle. Brederode literally translates to “broad wood.” Although the castle is in ruin today, the ruins are fairly well preserved and can be visited by the public.

Brederode Castle History

Castle Brederode View From Main GateThe original castle was constructed in the 13th century by William I van Brederode, who was a descendent of the lords van Teylingen. The castle helped form the high lordship of Brederode. In its early days, the castle was nothing more than a tower. Dirk II van Brederode tore the tower down in 1300 and replaced it with a more appropriate castle.

The castle was besieged in 1351 during the Hook and Cod wars as the Brederode family remained faithful to Margaret of Bavaria. The castle was then demolished after being damaged beyond repair. In 1354, the counts of Holland and the Brederode family reconciled. The castle was then rebuilt, but used for military purposes rather than as a residence.

In 1426, the southern part of the castle was destroyed by the Cod faction. William was unable to restore or reinforce the castle. As a result, it remained in disrepair until 1464 when the northern part of the castle was allowed to be restored. The castle was once again plundered in 1492 during the Bread and Cheese Revolt. In 1568, the castle wound up in the hands of the States of Holland and remain there to this day. The castle ruins would go on to become the first national monument of the Netherlands and one of the first structures to be restored by the government.

Visiting the Ruins

Castle Brederode Ruins 1For a small fee, visitors can tour the ruins. Keep in mind, however, that the castle is closed during the winter months. Visit the castle’s official website to find the latest information on opening times.

Admission Fees:

  • Children aged 3 and under: Free
  • Children 4 – 12: €1,50
  • Adults: €3,00

The castle ruins features a beautiful terrace that is partially covered by a medieval-style canopy. Here, guests can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea as well as a small snack.

A variety of activities and exhibitions are held at the castle throughout the year, including art and cultural events. Concerts and theatre shows can be enjoyed throughout the summer months.

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