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Castle Rosendael: Rozendaal’s Late Medieval Castle

Castle Rosendael from the rosegarden

Castle Rosendael is a late medieval castle built by the dukes of Gelre. The castle is situated in the province Gelderland in the village of Rozendaal. Visitors can tour the castle by appointment and catch a glimpse into what it would have been like to live during the medieval era.

Castle Rosendael’s History

Castle Rosendael - InteriorThe exact date of construction is unknown, but first mention of the castle was made in 1314. Count Renaud I was the first to occupy Rosendaal and his son, Raynald II, was lord. The castle’s donjon was originally 25 meters high and boasted a diameter of 16 meters. This impressive structure is the tallest in the Netherlands.

The castle fell into the hands of Sheriff William Scherpenzeel after the counts of Gelre. He then sold the castle to Dirck van Dorth in 1579. Dorth left the castle’s gardens, dock and ponds intact, but made many changes to the structure. The Van Arnhem family would go on to take over the castle after the Van Dorth family. Lord Lubbert Torck Adolf restored the castle gardens in 1732 with the help of architect Daniel Marot.

Only the keep remains of the original castle. A square house, stables and outer buildings were constructed in 1722. At this point, the structure become more of a country home than a castle. The gardens were once again renovated as well as the galleries.

In World War II, the castle was hit by a bomb. A stray V2 rocket also decimated part of the park. After the war, the property fell into ruins until 1977 when William Frederick Torck Baron Pallandtstraat donated the castle to the Geldersch Landscape. The gardens and the house were then partially restored. Both the castle and the park are among the top 100 UNESCO monuments in the Netherlands.

Castle Rosendael Tours

Castle Rosendael with treesThe gardens of Rosendael castle are some of the oldest in the country, dating back more than 300 years. There are more than 70 different species of trees, herbs and shrubs featured in the garden and more than 40 species of birds call Rosendaal home. The gardens themselves are worthy of a day’s visit.

Guided tours of the Rosendael castle are available from April 1 through November 1. During this time, the castle is open Tuesday through Sunday from 11AM until 5PM, with the last entry being at 4PM.

Admission Fees:

  • Adults € 9.50 (€ 5.00 single ticket park)
  • Children / 12 years € 5.25

Parties and other private events can also be hosted at the castle. The castle as well as the orangery are a popular choice for weddings. The orangery features a large terrace that overlooks the nearby rose garden.

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