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Cheap transportation in Amsterdam

Transport in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of the most beautiful and popular cities in the entire world. Yes it may be famous for its slightly more laid back approach to certain green substances, as well as the somewhat questionable trades, but it is these things, along with much, much more, which helps to make Amsterdam what it is today. The city of Amsterdam is actually much larger than people may think, and because of this, when they happen to book a break there, they tend not to take transportation costs, and indeed, methods themselves into consideration. Many tourists and visitors simply hop off the train, plane, or ferry, and expect to find everything within walking distance. This simply is not the case. There are numerous methods of transportation in Amsterdam, but finding the cheapest can be somewhat tricky at times. This article should be of some significant use to you, as we aim to show you how to cheaply travel around Amsterdam.

Methods of transportation – As we said, there are many ways to get to, and around Amsterdam, including plane, train, taxi, bus, tram, ferry, boat, hire car, hire motorcycle, or even bicycle. As there’s so much to choose from, we’ll now look at the most popular, and cheap ways to get around this great city.

Take the train – If you happen to be arriving via Schiphol Airport, and many tourists do, then the train is your mew best friend. They have automated machines along the way, which allow you to purchase a 2nd class, 1-way ticket to centraal station. This ticket costs little more than 3.70 Euros.

Use the ‘I Amsterdam’ card – If you’re going to be viewing a lot of major attractions there, and chances are that you will. Then the I Amsterdam card is ideal. The unlimited travel on subway, bus and train services works out more expensive, but the card includes several discount vouchers for major attractions, worth around 100 Euros.

Rent a bicycle – What better way to get around the city than by getting some fresh air, taking in the sites, going at your own pace, and getting some exercise along the way. You can rent a bicycle in Amsterdam for around 9.50 to 10 Euros per day. If you’re interested in renting a bike, one of the major bike rental companies in Amsterdam is MacBike.nl so check them out. Make sure you have extra cash on you when you rent the bikes however, as a 50 Euro deposit is usually required.

Purchase a public transportation pass – We’ve saved the best for last in this instance. If you purchase a public transportation pass, you get unlimited use of the subway, trams, and busses from 6 in the morning, up until half past midnight. The public transportation passes can be purchased for a 1 day period, all the way up to a 7 day period. Prices start at 7.50 Euros, and end at 32 Euros for a 7 day pass.