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Christmas shopping in Amsterdam


A visitor/reader of the website (who would like to stay anonymous) sent in a nice blog post about Christmas Shopping in Amsterdam. If you’d also like to share an article or holiday experience on the Netherlands, contact me through the contact page (I do not post links in articles that are sent in). Here’s the article:

Christmas shopping in Amsterdam is something very different than you will experience anywhere else in the world. While other parts of the world may decorate their malls, stores or have specialty markets that are available throughout Christmas time Amsterdam really goes all out when it comes to decorating and creating Christmas shopping specific areas in the form of Christmas villages and festive shopping centers for the holidays. Christmas shopping in Amsterdam involves visiting specialty shops, enjoying sweet snacks and taking part in some caroling and ice-skating along the way. The shopping experience is something completely unique unlike anything else you will find in the world and as such there are many people that come to Amsterdam specifically to Christmas shop and experience these small village environments for themselves.

Amsterdam is home to 26 neighborhood markets and Christmas villages that all spring up and go seasonal around the end of November. With plenty of different stalls to browse an outdoor shopping environment that’s open in both rain and shine, looking through these Christmas markets can allow you to get the absolute perfect Christmas gift for your friends or family while soaking in a seasonal environment that’s all its own.

Albert Cuypstraat is one of the largest Christmas markets open during the holidays. The main event for this area is the large Christmas market that happens on the Sunday leading up to Christmas. On this day the market is extra festive with plenty of events going on throughout the day. Throughout the holiday season this is a great place to do all of your shopping for toys, clothing, sweet treats and just to soak in a real Christmas environment. This large shopping center is where many people go to get all of their Christmas shopping done and with the extra incentive of a large Christmas event that takes place, this is perhaps one of the best ways to get your Christmas shopping in Amsterdam done.

The city center markets of Leidseplein and Koningsplen are also filled with a number of festive market stalls as well as an ice rink. There are a number of great Christmas themed events that you can take part in well doing your Christmas shopping in Amsterdam at these two city center markets.

Perhaps one of the most interesting parts of Christmas shopping in Amsterdam is that you can do it anytime of the year. In the Bloemenmarkt you can find the Christmas palace which is a special store at which Christmas never seems to end. You can enjoy all of your favorite treats at the Christmas Palace which is open year-round.