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The Corrie ten Boom House in Haarlem

Ten Boom Huis Haarlem
The Corrie ten Boom House has been transformed into a museum. It is located at the center of Haarlem in the Netherlands. Many parts of the house have been refurbished to make it look like it was made in the 1940’s. Those who will visit the house can have a view of the actual “hiding place,” an area located behind a fake wall in the bedroom of Corrie ten Boom. This area was used by the Jews and others to hide from the Nazis. The museum also has a book shop.


Ten Boom Huis Binnen

The Corrie ten Boom House is the home of the Ten Boom family. In this house, Willem ten Boom opened a watch shop at the bottom level in 1897. His family stayed on the top. Later, the house was passed down to Casper, the son of Willem and then to the daughter of Casper, Corrie. The building was bought by the Corrie ten Boom Foundation in 1987 and the foundation opened the house as a museum.

The Corrie ten Boom House is usually called the Hiding Place. During World War II, this place was offered by the Ten Boom family as a hiding place for Jewish people and the resistance members. But the family was betrayed and for their crime of hiding the Jews they were imprisoned. Corrie was the only member who survived the horrific experience. Today, her house is a museum most of which recreates its 1940 appearance.

What to Expect

Ten Boom Huis Tafel

Corrie ten Boom House visitors can expect to see a lot of items used by the ten Boom family. Today, the museum retains the old-school atmosphere to allow visitors to completely immersed in the actual experience.

Guided Tours- Visitors can see little clocks displayed in a small glass panel placed on the front door. With this, visitors will know the exact time the tours will start. Those who will take part in guided tours will have an intimate experience as only twenty of them can go in at a given time. Guides share the family’s inspiring stories as they lead visitors through the house.

World War II Life- Inside the museum, visitors will have an idea of how life was during the war. Even the museum’s furniture is replicated in the 1940 style.

Hiding Place- There is a fake wall behind which the ten Boom family hid the Jews. This narrow area was able to hide six to seven people. This was also the place where the family hid their items such as radio, silver and fine china. The Nazis looked at this place first as they raided the house.

How to Get There

From Haarlem Central Station, walk 10 to 15 minutes to reach the Corrie ten Boom Museum. Leave the station by the doors with the word “Centrum.” As you leave the station, turn right. Walking straight, you will find the street Kruisweg. From here, turn left to head to the Grote Markt. Continue on this street until you reach the museum which is situated at 19 Barteljorisstraat on the left side.

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