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Crossing the border

When I crossed the border into Belgium today I remembered a conversation with an Egyptian tourist earlier this year. He was surprised how easily we can cross the border in Europe. And in fact when I think about it, I can understand that it surprised him. There no more customs checkpoints that you have to cross or wait in line for. I can just as easily drive into Belgium or Germany as I drive into another village in the Netherlands itself. All borders are open within the European Union which makes it very easy to travel from country to country.

border netherlands

When you drive back into the Netherlands you will see a sign like in the picture above. It indicates that you are entering the Netherlands again and tells you the speed limits that apply in our country. Speed limits are not regulated on a European level but differ per country. The above picture is a little bit out of date because recently the maximum speed limit on highways was increased to 130 unless otherwise indicated.

Just a funny picture as comparison on how easy it is to cross borders in the Netherlands: