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De Barones (shopping center) in Breda

De Barones Breda - Binnen

De Barones is an indoor shopping center in the city of Breda. It is among the most popular shopping stops in the neighborhood. The shopping center includes many popular shops and famous department stores, book stores, fashion stores and more. It has two entrances, one on the Lange Brugstraat and one on the Eindstraat. It also includes underground parking facilities.

The shopping center is quite conveniently located at the city center and you can pretty much find everything; cloth, shoes, accessories, makeup, and techie. It has a splendid architecture and is a great place to visit when shopping since it has a great variety of stores more than 100. The Barones was the winner of the 1996 NRW Award for the best shopping center in the Netherlands and received in that same year an ICSC commendation from the Dutch Council of Shopping centers.


The Barones was built in the heart of the medieval city center and required a delicate operation by incorporating existing buildings, and demolishing others. This is big a challenge undertaken by CZWG in collaboration with the Dutch architect Kraaijvanger Urbis. CZWG made the design of the arterial shopping mall which laces  multifarious elements of the scheme; shopping center, social and student housing anchored by a Vroom & Dreesmann department store which trades on five floors.

The total value for the construction of the mall was £20 million and it was completed in October 1997. The shops are on two floors in a series of galleries which together form a curved arcade that links two of the town’s principal shopping streets. The building at street level is paved in granite and terracotta and the upper level has end grain oak flooring.  The upper level design was made deliberately seductive to attract shoppers.  The central column on the first floor gives something of an optical illusion being partly structural and stopping above ground floor.

What To Expect

De Barones Breda - Binnen

The Baroness is a one stop shopping mall where you will find anything that you are searching for. It incorporates social and student housing and an underground parking.

Famous Shops And Department Stores

There are many famous stores such as V&D and H&M quite popular in the Netherlands. The range of stores makes the Baroness a shopping paradise.

Restaurants, Cafe, Bar

This is a great area with very fancy restaurants serving gourmet meals. Cafe and bars where you can enjoy a drink while reading a book or socializing with friends.

Electronic Shops, Phone Shops

From seeking to purchase any electronic equipment to buying a new phone there are plenty of stores to choose from. One of the great things is that they are close by which makes shopping around quite easy for price comparison.

Beauty Shops

Anything from getting a pedicure, manicure to having your hair done or even for a massage

How To Get There

The Baroness shopping center is located at the city center and quite a famous destination not far from the main train station and has entrance from two very popular shopping streets. The shopping center can be reached by any public transport, bus, tramway, going toward the city center, or by taxi or private car.

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