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De Krijtberg – A Must-see church in Amsterdam

Krijtberg Amsterdam - Christmass

De Krijtberg is located in Amsterdam at the Singel. The church was originally opened in 1883 and was a cherished design by Alfred Tepe. Dedicated to St. Francis Xavier, the church is one of many that sprung up after the episcopal hierarchy was restored in 1853. However, religious ceremonies have been occurring far longer in Singel.

Jesuit Missionaries

De Krijtberg - AmsterdamIn 1654, there was a small missionary of Jesuits that bought houses in Singel. The largest would be where Saint Francis would hold ceremonies. Soon, the gathering become so large that there had to be more rooms added to the existing church. Eventually, in 1835 the church was further enlarged. This led to the eventual building of the De Krijtberg.

Exterior and Interior

Designer Tepe would become famous for his architectural feats and would go on to design 70 more churches. This is seen with the resemblance of many churches in Amsterdam. The De Krijtberg is, however, quite unique both inside and outside.

Two, 55 feet high towers stand outside of the church and are what people most often mention. There are four large entrance doors that lead into the church and will be the entrances taken for any visitors. The outside has beautiful paintings, seating and landscapes that make this one of the most visited churches in the city. The church fought for preservation and would go on to be placed on the monument list. During 1979 – 1991, the building was restored in spurts. In 1997, the altars were also restored.

The inside of the church is remarkable with beautiful gold, red and green colors seen. Black is also often used as well as spectacular lighting. Two gothic revivals would go on to add the high altar and add to the true beauty of the church’s interior.


De Krijtberg can be visited on Sunday where visitors can enjoy Dutch songs at 5:15pm, Latin hymns at 9:30 am and Gregorian chants at 11am. Eucharist is given at 12:30 and 5:15pm on Sunday. Monday – Friday, visitors can attend Eucharist at 12:30 pm and 5:45 pm. Saturday, Eucharist begins at 12:30 and Sacrament at 4 – 5 pm. Hours may change, so ensure that they are correct before visiting.

The church is available to the public and is one of the most famous in the country. Visitors are able to visit the church’s main website to find out more information and to ensure that the visiting hours are still the same.


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