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De Nieuwe Kolk in Assen

De Nieuwe Kolk Assen

De Nieuwe Kolk in the city of Assen is a remarkable cultural complex that includes a cinema, theaters, a library, offices and homes, restaurants, a car park and a center for visual arts. It is a technological innovation in the field of renewable energy and home automation. It was created through a combination of extensive technical knowledge and experience. Think of the energy supply based on heat and cold storage, heating by means of concrete core activation and the EIB – KNX switching system in the building.


In 2008 De Zwarte Hond won the design competition for a multifunctional culture building in Assen. The complex was completed and opened to the public in 2012. The new cultural complex is a monumental and traditional building made of Dutch brickwork, steel and glass. The architect in charge was Jurjen van der Meer and Tjeerd Jellema. The complex covers an area of 48,000 sqm.

The grand entrance of the building is situated next to a new theater square, which is a lively and pleasant place to stay for a drink after visiting the complex. A historical stone wall and a staircase of monumental size connects the square directly to the entrance of the building. The square forms a gate to a large lobby and foyer from where different venues can be visited.

What to expect

De Nieuwe Kolk Assen - binnen hal

De Nieuwe Kolk cultural center includes theaters, cinema, library, cafes, restaurants and apartments making it a fantastic place to visit either for entertainment or for learning.


If there is availability, it is possible to rent an apartment in the cultural heart of Assen. 65 affordable rental apartments give you immediate access to all the excitement. See a show, watch a movie, take a walk along the canal, and eat at a fancy restaurant. The residents have a wonderful array of amenities at their fingertips.


De Nieuwe Kolk Assen - binnen

The cultural complex is a great place to go to the theater with friends or family. There are many shows and a rich program to choose from.

Cafes and Restaurants

You will find many different cafes and restaurants. Whether you just want a nice drink after having visited the complex or want to enjoy a meal, it is the perfect location for chilling out with friends or family.


The library of De Nieuwe Kolk has a wide range of books and provides the perfect atmosphere for study. The library has about 250 employees and some 750 volunteers. It often has internship vacancies. There is a commitment to provide quality service to customers.

How To Get There

The complex is located at Weierstraat 1, 9401 ET Assen. There is a garage if you arrive by car, which charges € 0.50 per 16 minutes. If you arrive after 6 pm, you can park for a flat rate of € 5 until 7 am. You will also find a bicycle storage facility accessible via the canal north side. Getting to the museum is possible with different means of public transport including by boat.

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