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De Vries indoor karting Heerenveen
In recent years, a lot of people have become more interested in indoor karting. This type of sport offers participants an exhilarating and exciting experience in a pleasant spirit of competition. De Vries Indoor Karting introduces a totally different karting opportunity to many enthusiasts.

A Brief Overview

De Vries Indoor Karting, is a famous indoor kart track in Heerenveen. This track is 500 meters long and is asphalt. It is best for people who wish to experience how it feels to be an F1 driver. Participants can choose to join in groups or individually.
De Vries Indoor Karting BV is the company behind De Vries Indoor Karting.

The company was registered on August 29, 2001. Currently, the company has no other registered branches or subsidiaries at the Chamber of Commerce. It is located at Pilot Whale 3 Heerenveen. It has been active in sports employing six to ten employees.

What to Expect

De Vries indoor karting

De Vries Indoor Karting is fast and safe as well as meets the recent requirements for a kart track. Visitors here can go to the Kart Cafe after the race to get a printout with lap times. The cafe allows them to see the entire circuit on top. The indoor kart track makes use of fast and secure 200 CC karts made for indoor karting. Such karts are capable of reaching more than 80 miles per hour.

Additionally, De Vries Indoor Karting has in place experienced drivers who offer professional guidance. It has a computerized scoreboard called karthal that records data from the list of participating drivers. The audience can follow this data on the Kart Cafe’s monitor. Those who want to take part in the sport of karting can choose from the following options or arrangements available at De Vries Indoor Karting.

F1 Grand Prix Semi- In this package, people can experience an indoor kart racing in a group. This option involves at least ten individuals. Every participant will be given instructions on cornering, driving techniques and the kart track itself. Participants will undergo a ten-minute training session. For ten minutes each, they will run a couple of races. In the final, the ten best drivers competed against each other.

Mini F1 Grand Prix- This is the best pick for people who want to go in a group of at least 10. Each participant will also have to go through a 10-minute training and run two races every eight minutes.

F1 Super Grand Prix- This arrangement is best for company office parties. This requires minimum participants of 10 people. In this arrangement, participants will run twelve-minute training session and will race twice for 12 minutes each. The top three best riders will be awarded with trophies on the podium.

How to Get There

From Leeuwarden Groningen, travel towards the afslag 11. At the first corner, turn right until you see the corner where Total is located. Going straight ahead, there is another corner where you have to turn left towards Burg Falkenaweg.

From here, you will pass three corners to the right, the third of which will be your final way to De Vries Indoor Karting. Before reaching the third corner, you will pass by a Shell station and Rabobank. In the third corner, go straight to the second left corner and you finally reach De Vries Indoor Karting.

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