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Den Helder Beach – Paradise in North Holland

Den Helder Beach is the perfection location for anyone that wants to be surrounded by beautiful sandy beaches and wants to experience a rustling town at night. Located in the North Holland province, this beach is perfect for sight-seeing and sits at the northernmost portion of the city.

In comparison to many of the smaller towns, Den Helder has a population of over 56,000 people. This means that a day at the beach is not the only fun activity that is provided. However, it is one of the most enjoyable.

The Red Lighthouse



There are many beaches found in Den Helder with one of the most popular boasting countryside views. A view of a beautiful red lighthouse in the distance is a very prominent characteristic of the beach and has driven many tourists to the area.

The beaches all along the coast are diverse with many being small in size. During the summer, however, hundreds to thousands of people can be seen flying kites all along the coastline. There are rentals for chairs, tents and umbrellas among many forms of parasailing and snorkeling equipment.

There is a bike race that takes place in the summer and has many fans lined up on the beach as the bikers pass them by.

Those that want some fun and adventure will not have to look far. There are many great things to do both on and off the beach. The city has a helicopter ride available that will allow you to see an aerial view of the beaches as well as the entire coastline. This is a magnificent sight and one that makes every traveler appreciate the beach a little more.

Those that are fascinated by the navy will be happy to know that the naval base is right on the coast as well. Tourists can catch a glimpse of military ships as well as submarines right off of the water’s coast. This is especially exciting for children.

Hotels and accommodations can be found right on the beach and are highly recommended. This allows you to gain access to the beach at all times and it is much easier than traveling from an inner-city hotel.

There are also botanical gardens nearby and a Marine museum wherein people can get a closer look at naval equipment.

Den Helder Beach is an exciting place to be all summer long with beautiful festivals, great food and a lot of fun in the sun.