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Deventer History Museum

Deventer History Museum - Building

If you find yourself in Deventer, be sure to check out the Deventer History Museum that since its opening in 1915 has been a pride and glory of this marvelous city. Located in monumental building Waag (Weighing-house), it holds the memory of the city’s vivid past. Even though the museum is not very large, it will attract your attention with interesting content, antiquities, and such exhibitions with which much larger museums can boast of.

The Deventer History Museum makes a lasting impression on all who visit it. A hidden gem it is, the museum delivers entertainment as well as education to both young and old. Exploration is the key word, and the urge for knowledge the ultimate goal. It reminds us never to forget the past, and to seek an advice from it all the time.


The present site of the Deventer History Museum, The Waag (Weighing-house), located on the edge of the Brink square, was built in 1550 and restored in 2003.It is the oldest venture building in the Netherlands built as such.Museum was opened in 1915.

Until 1964, the Association of the Waag ran the museum. This association also managed a Deventer Toy Museum from 1932. In 1964, the two museums went to municipal hands, while the association remained active as the organizer of activities, through which the collection of artifacts was expanded through the acquisition of gifts and by making purchases. The museum is currently closed due to the renovations, but it is expected to be open again in 2015.

What To Expect

If you like to feel the spirit of the Dark ages, the unusual and weird, you came to the right place. The museum shows the heyday of 15th century history.

The Permanent Collection

The permanent collection of the museum includes:

  • Archaeological finds from prehistoric times to the Middle Ages and later;
  • Paintings, including the Four Evangelists by Hendrick ter Brugghen (1588-1629);
  • Silverware including a cup of Antoni Magnus;
  • Silk dress of the wife of a city driver from the 18th century;
  • Industrial history including the Deventer cake, the First Dutch Rijwielenfabriek Burgers, Deventer carpet and printers from Deventer;
  • Thea Beckman’s novel Het wonder van Frieswijck (“The Frieswijck Miracle”) features the Waa;

The museum’s inventory can boast of many historic items including the oldest bicycle in Holland. However, its star is a large copper cauldron on the north side. The story has it that a 16th-century clerk was boiled alive in it after he was discovered substituting cheap metals for precious ones in the local money supply.

Deventer History Museum

How To Get There

Though the museum is currently closed for renovation and reorganization, it still offers to visitors a temporary permanent presentation of the historical toy collection in independent form at the Toy Museum on the Brink.  So, if you want to see something new, something old, or something odd, head out to Brink 56, Deventer, Overijssel 7411. You can take a bus, taxi or a car. Nevertheless, if you wish to experience the true beauty of this gorgeous monument, go on foot. You will not regret it.


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