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Dick Bruna House in Utrecht

dick bruna house

The Dick Bruna House (Dick Bruna Huis) is a museum located in Utrecht which is totally dedicated to Dick Bruna and his famous creation Miffy. Miffy is a little rabbit and her stories have been translated into 40 languages and over 80 million copies of the book have been sold globally.

Partly, the Dick Bruna House focuses on Miffy as a popular character and fashion for children. But it also put in the picture the story of Dick Bruna, whose familiar works are popular as being simple and straightforward. He has already designed thousands of book covers, 120 picture books, post cards, prints and posters.

Everyone just loves the character of Miffy. A visit to the Dick Bruna House with a stop at the Centraal Museum Utrecht is such an ideal combination. In this way, you will meet Dick Bruna, Rietveld and other excellent designers and artists that are Utrecht residents.


A Utrecht illustrator, graphic designer and writer Dick Bruna is the person behind the growing popularity of Miffy. Almost every part of the globe can recognize Miffy. Miffy picture books are read in myriad languages all across the world and she has grown into a complete design icon.

In 1995, while Bruna celebrated holiday with his wife and their kid, he noticed a rabbit getting around their home. He later tried to sketch it, and then Miffy was created. Its first name in Dutch is Nijntje.

Since 2006, Miffy’s own home has been across the street to the Centraal Museum. Here in the dick bruna huis, the Bruna collection resides which is given by the maker on a long-term loan to the Centraal Museum. For over five decades, Miffy has developed into an international celebrity, as a personality in Children’s books which is in over 40 languages and as a design icon.

Bruna’ retirement was made known in July this year. He declared that he is not selling the rights of Miffy’s character.

What to Expect

The Dick Bruna Huis displays the worldwide known rabbit Miffy with a permanent retrospect of Bruna’s masterpieces. The collected works has over 7000 art items, which are children’s books, posters and book covers created by Dick Bruna for organizations like Netherlands Red Cross and Amnesty International.

Aside from Miffy and her family, Bruna has also produced various unforgettable characters such as Boris Bear, the little dog Snuffy and Poppy Pig. Bruna is also the creator of the Little Black Bear (Zwarte Beertjes) logo.

For children, it offers a playful introduction to the foundations of visual art, presenting to them the challenge to try-out with lines, colours and shapes.

How to Get There

Getting to the Dick Bruna Huis is no trouble. You have the option to take the public transport starting from the Utrecht Central Station. Take on the bus 2 which circle line is in the Museumkwartier district and stops near the Centraal Museum.

You should be aware that there are limited and paid parking facilities next to the museum. From the Springweg parking garage, the Centraal Museum is just about a 10-minute walk. You can then cross the street to visit the Dick Bruna House.

For more information, you can call +31 (0) 30 2362362 or email at info@centraalmuseum.nl.

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