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Dinner… a typical evening meal

Dinner, or the evening meal, is normally the largest and only warm meal of the day in The Netherlands. Although it is more and more common to also eat a warm snack during the day (after all we are the fastfood generation). Normally dinner is the third meal of the day after breakfast and lunch (the Dutch normally have 3 meals a day, with some simple snacks or fruit in between).


A typical dinner would consist of patatoes (cooked or baked), vegetables and a piece of meat. Also some sauce for vegetables or meat. Besides the typicall dinners the Dutch switch it up during the week by eating a pasta or rice dish. It is also very common to have 1 or 2 days a week a take-away day where they will get french fries, chinese food or maybe shawarma. For example in my family it has been a tradition to go and get Chinese food every sunday.

Although there are some typicall Dutch recipes the Dutch kitchen is internationally (and nationally) not very famous. I for example do not know any Dutch restaurants in my region that specializes specifically in the Dutch kitchen. Most restaurants will have a selection of multiple kitchens and of course there are the specialized restaurants like Italian and Greek restaurants.