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Dominicanenklooster (Monastery) Zwolle


The Dominicanenklooster in Zwolle was constructed in the traditional square design that is seen in many monasteries, featuring an open space right in the center where you will find a courtyard with sitting areas and beautiful, natural plants. This monastery was originally built and intended to be a training house. The designer in charge of the original construction was Kayser and the structure was constructed back in 1902.

Utilizing the Dominicanenklooster

Located in the historic city of Zwolle, this monastery is a great location to host company meetings, where inspiration and strength is needed. Due to the history and unique environments, this monastery truly brings out the very best in people.

During meeting breaks, those in attendance can wander through the corridors and regain energy from the unique silence that is present. Not only is this the ideal location for meetings, it is also someplace that you should see when in the area, due to the rich history of the area.

Inside of the Dominicanenklooster  

Klooster in Zwolle - inside

The monastery is located near the center of the city and can be found among beautiful surroundings. However, the inside is just as exquisite with beautifully created stained glass pictures on the interior. This is an extremely large complex when compared to other monasteries in the area.

It was originally used as a training location for novices and in its heyday; there were a total of 80 Dominicans that lived on the site. This was ended in 1966 as the monastic community continued to age. At this point a portion of the space was leased and in 1977 the decision was made that the property be revitalized. Currently there are a total of 20 Dominicans living on-site that you may also see during your visit.

Eating at the Dominicanenklooster

During your visit to the Dominicanenklooster you can enjoy a pleasant meal. While it is simple, the food is fresh and generous portions are provided. The prices are affordable and the scenery is unbeatable during a peaceful and satisfying lunch you will have on your visit.

Visiting in Groups or On Your Own

If you have plans to visit the monastery during your trip, you will love all the history and culture that is offered. If you have small children, this may not be the ideal location to take them, since this is a place of prayer and quite. Experiencing this location is not something that you will soon forget and likely something that you will want to experience again sometime along the road.

Visiting or planning a meeting at the Dominicanenklooster is an experience that will provide you with a look into the way individuals lived in the past, as well as a glimpse into the rich history of Zwolle.

The monastery is open year round for visitors and you can plan larger meetings or events, such as weddings, with a simple phone call. When it comes to beautiful surroundings and a unique setting the Dominicanenklooster offers you everything that you could possibly want from a unique holiday, from peacefulness, beautiful scenery and excellent food and drink.

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