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Dutch highway glows like a jellyfish


It’s already rolled out on a 500 meters stretch of highway outside Oss (near the capital ‘s-Hertogenbosch, capital of the North Brabant province). It’s a special paint that charges itself with sunlight during the day and then glows during the night. It is an art project by Designer Daan Roosegaarde worked out together with Heijmans construction. The ‘Glowing Lines’ are part of the Smart Highway project which gives the dutch Highways and scenery a poetic, enlightening and innovative look. In the city of Eindhoven there already a new project for a 600 meters long cycle lane to be updated with the same technology.

The glowing lines will make it safer to travel at night or during foggy weather as you’ll be able to see the road and where its heading more clearly then ever before.