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Dutch men are Nose Pickers

Dutch men have a nasty habit and don’t seem to be ashamed of it… they pick their noses… even in public! If you’re traveling the world and see a guy shamelessly picking his nose, there’s a big chance he’s Dutch! Just yell ‘Viezerik’ (Dirty Pig)… if he responds, he’s Dutch.

A Dutch study shows that over 90% of the Dutch pick their noses. The two most favorite spots to start picking are on the couch at home (31%) and in the car (29%). So where to leave your boogers? Almost one third of the men claims to roll it up in a ball and shoot it, and quite a lot confess to eat them.

It’s noticed often by those traveling the Netherlands and some expats even listed it in their top reasons NOT to date a Dutch man.

But in our defense… it seems that studies show that eating your boogers actually boosts your immune system. The small quantities of bacteria and viruses that you eat get your immune system fired up.

Want proof? Even our King Willem Alexander seems to enjoy it:

Willem Alexander Neuspeuteren