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Dutch motivate cycling with beer

Heineken beer - two glasses

The city of Breda has a unique approach on getting people to take the bike to the city center instead of the car. By rewarding cyclists with a free drink it hopes to motivate people to take the bike. Of course you can also take a soda if you’d prefer that over a beer… but hey you don’t have to drive anyway!

When you make use of one of the six municipal cycle parkings in the city you’ll receive a coin that can be used in of 13 establishments in the city to get a second drink for free (Binnen Breda, De Avenue, De Bruine Pij, Chass√© Theater, Bowling Breda, Lunch4You, Charelli, Con Fuego, Rhodos, Taste, Rosso, Publieke Werken and Sloo).

All in all a fun way of the city of Breda to get people on their bikes!