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Dutch are scared of pooping


The Dutch Digestive Diseases Foundation, ‘Maag Lever Darm Stichting’ in Dutch, concludes as a result of an online survey that the Dutch are scared of pooping. When at work, in a a restaurant or bar, pooping will be postponed until they get home. Nine out of ten will not even consider going for number two when visiting friends. Besides some fun facts and get people’s attention the reason for the survey is to discuss the taboo on talking about digestive and intestinal complaints.

Main reason for delaying a visit to the toilet are smells, hygiene and lack of privacy. Most people, about 70%, looks at the result before flushing. Might seem strange but it’s actually vital in detecting health problems, when you notice strange colors or blood in your stool it’s wise to contact a doctor.

I guess what we should take from this is: POOP when you have to and don’t be ASHAMED:P