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Dutch Terror Owl Strikes Again

Terror Owl - Metronieuws.nl

Terror Owl – Metronieuws.nl


The aggressive owl that has been terrorizing residents of the Dutch town of Purmerend strikes again! On the morning of Friday the 6th a paper boy was severely injured when the European eagle owl attacked.

Employees of a nearby company helped the woman who was covered in blood and had a big bump on her face.

Citizens were recommended to use an umbrella to protect themselves. Strangely enough the owl targets mostly woman. Already over 20 people have been attacked of which some were hospitalized and needed to be stitched up.

Earlier this week permission was granted to capture the owl (which is a protected species), so hopefully the folks of Purmerend are soon safe again.

I must say the owl looks pretty scary to and I’d be pretty scared if it came flying right at me! The owl keeps pretty calm during the day and attacks at night to make it even more scary:)

Owl - Jacob Jorritsma - AP