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Erasmuspark – Amsterdam

Erasmuspark Amsterdam

The Erasmuspark is largely known for its beautiful, expansive flower gardens and the lengthy canals that encompass it. The canals themselves are home to even more gorgeous water plants, and the park is open to the public. This is a great place to go on a walk in the sun or have a relaxing picnic. If you like to be active, there is even enough room to play your favorite sports.

One of the most popular features of the Erasmuspark is the Terrasmus shop, which provides visitors with a fun place to rest as well as find a quality cup of coffee or tea. If you are in the mood for something fruity, you can treat yourself to one of the Terrasmus’ famous fresh fruit beverages. They also have sandwiches, soups that are made daily and delicious ice creams. The Terrasmus has a terrace and is open between March and October. This is currently the third season of operation for Terrasmus, so be sure to stop in and have a look around if you plan to visit the Erasmuspark during those spring and summer months.

Erasmuspark Amsterdam - GateThe park is located in the western region of Amsterdam. It was founded in 1939 and was named after famous philosopher and social humanist, Desiderius Erasmus. The park is a great place to bring the family for any event, since alcohol beverages are prohibited on park grounds.

This urban park is quite cozy and eye catching thanks to all of the lovely arranged flowers. A little known fact about the Erasmuspark is that its proportions and layouts follow the patterns of famous painter Mondriaan, and was often used as a subject in his works. In 2002, the park was renovated in order to update and improve the water plants and the structure of the surrounding canals.

The park often holds family-friendly events and festivals on its large acreage, including the Erasmus Park Dog Run, most recently. Erasmuspark was originally planned out in the 60’s, yet recent developments have helped to turn this park into a thriving urban center. Houses with access at ground level are built collective and blend seamlessly into the parks modern scenery.

The diversity of atmospheres is apparent here in the different areas of landscaping and development that have been planned out carefully. For example, one area of the park is surrounded by lovely chestnut trees, whereas on the opposite end, you will find a special area with many large orchard trees.

Finding a place that combines both the beauty of modern urban development while retaining the calming serenity a city park can provide is a challenge indeed, but Erasmuspark is a special development, which easily embodies both aspects, giving visitors a true taste of Amsterdam city life and luxury.

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