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Grote Kerk (Church of our Lady) Breda


Experience a true style of Brabant Gothic Style by visiting one of the most important buildings in Breda. Grote of Onze Lieve Vrouwekerk (Church of our Lady) has been restored multiple times during the past, but still holds its initial essence.  It is known to be a landmark of Breda.  From the astounding 97 meter high Church Tower, you can see the City along with the Grand Palace.  It has been opened for visitors at a fee.  It is also used from time to time for courses, exhibitions, concerts, fashion shows, symposiums or school excursions.

Throughout the Netherlands this Church is known for its alluring beauty, both in construction and location.  This Church is also part of the top 100 of the Dutch UNESCO Monuments, making it one of the serenest as well as elegant Churches in the Netherlands.


Grote of Onze Lieve Vrouwekerk has been a part of Breda’s history for more than 750 years.  First mentions of this astounding Church can be dated as far back as 1269.  Although archaeological findings show that approximately during 1100, there was a wooden church where the Grote of Onze Lieve Vrouekerk is standing now.  That very first church was dedicated to Mary according to findings.   In 1637 it was known to be a Protestant Church, visited daily and weekly for services.

These days it hosts the congregation only about ten times a year.  It does however still host weddings, baptisms and funerals along with memorial services from time to time.  The graves of John I and John II respectively from Poland, are said to be both within the north choir aisle.

What To Expect

Offering a great history filled with culture, this Church is a true part of Breda.  Contributing not only the most astounding architecture or murals, it is also a great monument to its history and culture.  Within the Prince Chapel you will find the ceiling decorated with gold leafs, this is known to be where the Royal Family is buried.  It also bids a spectacular setting for all sorts of meetings and events, ranging from ten to a thousand people.

Additional Information

The Grote of Onze Lieve Vrouwekerk offers the most graceful of wedding locations.  This building is quite unique and the Church can also offer aid in the planning.  They host both religious as well as civil marriages.  Your wedding party can also have a guided tour of the entire Church, or it could be worked into your day plans for your wedding, if you would like.

The great Church does not have parking, but there is more than enough space in the immediate vicinity.  With specific events, one or two vehicles will be allowed to park by the entrance, such as weddings.

The church is also adapted to allow easy access for physically disabled people.

There are 400 very comfortable seats within the hall and a high-tech sound system along with the astonishing stage, making it ideal for conferences or meetings.  Grote of Onze Lieve Vrouwekerk is also equipped with an underfloor heating, which provides comfort even during the cold winter months.

How To Get There

This truly glorious piece of history can be found within the center of Breda.  It is standing tall by the Grote Market at Church Square, Breda.

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