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Historic Museum Haarlem

Historisch Museum Haarlem
As a tourist visiting Haarlem, there are several historic places to go, thanks to the many years of history of the Netherlands. The historic museum Haarlem is located in Groot Heiligland 47, this historical museum is exactly in front of the Frans Hals museum, and this is really helpful for the tourist because they can visit two amazing places by just crossing the street. The museum contains many objects and history about the country and specifically about Haarlem and every other city nearby.

History of the Museum

Historisch Museum Haarlem - Oude Foto

The Historic Museum Haarlem is opened since 1990, the building where the museum is located was part of a well-known hospital called St. Elisabeth Gasthuis. The former St. Elisabeth Gasthuis is now combined with another hospital called St. Johannes de Deo and they formed a new hospital called Kennemer Gasthuis.

The historic museum Haarlem is now opened, thanks to the collaboration of several societies from Haarlem, also with the help of the union of groups like Haarlem, Schoten, Heemstede, Santpoor, Zandvoort and Spaarndam. The groups united as one, naming the group as the Historisch Museum Zuid-kennemerland. The union of the group allowed the inauguration of the museum in 1990.

What To Expect

Historisch Museum Haarlem - Objecten

In the historic Museum Haarlem, several art pieces are displayed for the public, historical paintings and objects from the history of Haarlem, some of the items displayed in the museum belonged to an orphanage called Coen Cuser Stichting, this orphanage was destroyed and converted into apartments that are still used today.

There are objects and artifacts from the history of Haarlem since 1245. In the museum, a small auditorium is open for all the visitors, inside the auditorium, there is a statue of Laurens Janszoon Coster next to a very old press.

Laurens Janszoon Coster was a very important inventor in the Netherlands, he was the discoverer of the printing press along with the German Johannes Gutenberg. A film about the history of Haarlem is always shown to the tourists who are interested in the history of Haarlem. This museum is an important building for the city and represents the incredible history of Haarlem.

Interesting facts about the Historic Museum Haarlem

Since the Frans Hals museum is exactly in front of the Historic Museum Haarlem, a combi-pass was created for the tourist who decides to visit both museums in the same day. This happens often when several groups of tourist are familiar with important places in Haarlem. The Historic Museum Haarlem receives the visit of more than 22.000 people every year.

How to get there

Getting to the Historic Museum Haarlem is not really hard for tourist, there are several options to get there, if you want to enjoy the view and the place then you can take a 20 minute walk from the train station, walk straight to the Grote Markt square, when you reach the Grote Houtstraat, walk until you see a warehouse, walk to the left until you reach the Groot Heiligland, the Historic Museum Haarlem is exactly in front of the Frans Hals museum.

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