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Homomonument – A Tribute to Homosexual Prosecution

Homomonument Amsterdam

Homosexuality was something that was not supported in the modern world. With many gay and lesbian people killed by the Nazis, the Homomonument eventually came to life. This monument was first conceptualized in the 1970s. During this time, gay and lesbians were placing wreaths in Dam Square to commemorate the dead. These wreaths were quickly removed and deemed a disgrace.

Amsterdam-Homomonument-01After this, the LGBT movement decided it was time to build a monument in dedication to those wrongfully persecuted by Hitler. This would not come to fruition until 1979. It took almost a decade for all of the money to be collected to build the Homomonument.

Cities, such as Amsterdam, donated money along with thousands of individuals. In total, over 180 thousand euros was needed to be able to bring the monument to life. This would be the first monument ever made for the LGBT community and would eventually spur other monuments to be created all over the world.

Design Details

The basic design was created by Karin Daan and features an ornate pink design. This triangle was later transformed to ensure that it did not alter the surrounding area too much. The triangle is located right at the canal and can still be seen today. There are steps leading to where the water flows which have become an area where flowers or bouquets are often placed.

There are three total triangles all connected by pink granite bricks. The three triangles are all strategically placed and point to:

  • The Anne Frank House
  • The National War Memorial
  • The HQ of the COC Nederland

One triangle is made on land and the other on street level to form this beautiful 3 point triangle design.

When visiting, visitors will find the monument right in the center of Amsterdam. There is obviously no admission fee seen as anyone is welcome to freely view each triangle and follow the pink connecting bricks. Pay close attention to the triangle that points to the Anne Frank home as it has a beautiful quote scribed into it.

This famous design and colors can now be seen in other areas of the world as well. There is one that can be viewed at The Hague and many big cities, such as San Francisco and Frankfurt also have memorials dedicated to the LGBT community. While many are different, the majority of them all have one thing in common – a beautiful pink triangle design of some type.

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