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Hovenring near Eindhoven – Cycling Heaven

The Hovenring, designed by engineering company IPV Delft,  is a truly remarkable typically Dutch invention with cyclists in mind. It’s a circular suspended bicycle path roundabout! A what you say? Well it floats above an intersection and is really awesome to see, check the pictures below!

The Hovenring can be found in the province of North Brabant between the localities Eindhoven, Veldhoven and Meerhoven… think about a little… see where the name Hovenring is coming from:P

Construction of the Hovering began in the beginning of 2011 and the crossing was opened later that year in December. Due to some problems it had to closed again (within a week) and it finally opened to the public on June the 29th of 2012.

So if you’re ever near Eindhoven and in for some cycling be sure to include this remarkable roundabout in your route.


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