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Indoor Golf Amstelveen

Indoor Golf Amstelveen

Indoor Golf Amstelveen is a golf center located in Amstelveen. It provides 365 days a year of fantastic golf experience in a beautiful golf Hal. It was formerly known as Mobie Wave and offers both beginners and advance golfers a great training environment. The facility includes six ultra-modern simulators from where games can be played on the world’s finest golf courses.

There are also chipping areas, driving range, practice greens and bunkers. Indoor Golf Amstelveen is also known for having contemporary restaurant with lounge and bar, accommodation can also be arranged for visitors, and there are conference facilities as well. You are able to bring your own equipment or you can rent from the center.


The city of Amstelveen has practically no outdoor golf facilities. Indoor Golf Amstelveen is where most golf lovers in the city would go to and enjoy fantastic golfing experience. Over the years its reputation has grown not only for providing state of the art indoor golf facilities but also as a location for fine dining.

Indoor Golf Amstelveen receives thousands of visitors yearly from all over the world and is known as a great place for spending the vacation, organizing a trip with friends and family or enjoying a celebration such a a birthday, or other parties.

What To Expect

Indoor Golf Amstelveen is a fantastic place for spending quality time with friends or family. Beginners can take golf courses with experienced instructors and train using the latest technical tools. Besides practicing your golf skills you can also indulge in gourmet eating. A very friendly atmosphere and fantastic hospitality, these are the trademarks that made this golf center very famous. It is quite a memorable place for a night out.

Golf Courses For Beginners

There are classes even for youths and children. Lessons includes various components of golfing: turn, chipping are analyzed and practiced. You may be able to play either individually or in a group setting and by following the course obtain your golf certificate (GVB).

Experienced Golfers

With the use of simulators, you can practice on one of the best 80 golf courses around the world and over 256 different points. 2D and 3D simulators, state of the art analytical equipment, play individually or in a group and generally improve your techniques

Conference Rooms And Accommodation

If you are on a company outing, there is a well-equipped room that provides a relaxing atmosphere for conferencing. Drinks and snacks can also be provided upon demand. Also available is the possibility for accommodation in luxurious hotels in the surrounding.

Cafe, Bar, And Restaurant

Golf and dining with delicious 3-course meals at gourmet restaurants is definitely a good option. The prices are very reasonable and yet there is impeccable service. It is the perfect location for arranging a birthday party where can play on simulators, have pitch putt contests and ready order ready snacks and drinks of choice


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