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It’s foggy in The Netherlands

Cows in fog

This week we had three days in a row that it was pretty foggy in the morning. I always get up at around 6am and leave for work very early so I won’t get into any traffic jams, and on days like this I evaded some pretty big jams:) Of course you have to be more carefull when driving in fog, always adjust your driving style to the weather conditions (let’s hope other drivers do the same). I really like fog, because it makes for some very impressive sights and photo oppurtunities, like the picture above that was taken some years ago.

Dangers of cyclists in mist

What I really hate in fog is cyclists without lights! They are very hard to spot and don’t realize what dangers they are bringing themselfs into! The reason I mention this is because I had an almost accident two days ago in the morning. A cyclists was meeting me heads on without lights on the wrong side of the road and I was just in time to steer quickly to the left… it gave me a adreneline shock and my heart was beating like crazy!