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Jan van der Togt Museum

Jan van der Togt Museum - Amselveen - Gebouw

The Jan van der Togt museum is a modern visual art museum in Amstelveen. This museum is housed in a stylish building with the latest architectural design, and is equipped with the latest collection of modern glass painting and sculpture beside collections of Jan van der Togt.

The museum also has special exhibitions of works from famous and other non-popular visual artists such as Eugen Brand, Karel Appel Corneille Hugo Clau, and Sam Francis. It is a true art center that attracts a growing number of visitors each year and can be considered a meeting place for artists, art collectors and art lovers.


The Jan van der Togt museum was established in 1991 by Jan van der Togt who was a collector of contemporary art and wanted to show his collection to the public. He decided to make a public gallery and formed a foundation to keep his collection together. Jan van der Togt died in 1995, but the museum has continued the exhibition and even expanded the collection.

The museum was built at the corner of a main street where previously stood a bookstore, A. Gille at number 50 where people bought all kinds of literature, and number 51 where stood the former Amstelveen weekly. Both buildings were demolished and in their place the museum was built. Later the museum expanded after they bought the adjacent yarn shop.

What To Expect

Jan van der Togt Museum - Amselveen - Binnen

The Jan van der Tog museum attracts thousands of visitors every year and  is a true art center. It includes exhibitions of modern art, a museum shop, a gallery, membership opportunities and has facilities for disabled and free parking near the museum.

The Museum

Visitors can admire a wide variety of modern glass painting and sculptures. The largest collection is from Jan van der Togt who used to be a collector and decided to his collection to public display. Also in exhibition are works of art from various well-known and not well-known artists.

Sale Exhibition

The museum has a program of sale exhibition on a yearly basis where artists from all over the world showcase their work.

Museum Shop

Various artifacts can be bought from the museum shop as souvenir. The shop is equipped with various items made of glass and other  works of art.

Membership Opportunity

After the death of Jan van der Togt and because of financial difficulties and no subsidies, a friend of Togt, Verschoor found companies that wanted to sponsor the museum and founded the friends of the museum. Anyone can become a friend of the museum with an annual subscription of €35. Friends of the museum participate in activities of the museum; they can purchase art work at special prices, or get discounts. The activities are founded by the friend’s foundation.


The museum disposes of different facilities for disabled persons and a free parking space.


The museum is usually open from Thursday to Sunday and has an entrance charge of 3 € for adults and 1.5 € for children and over 65.

How To Get There

The museum can be reached by public transport using the railway from Amsterdam station CS or Zuid/WTC or Zuid-Oost. Bus 66 also goes to the museum as well as Tram 5 and 51.

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