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Jean Laudy Museum Chapel

Jean Laudy Museumkapel

In a studio setup you can view many works from private collections of the famous artist Jean Laudy in Venlo. It is exhibited in the former chapel of the old orphanage. The chapel is a tribute to Laudy who many believe is the greatest artist Venlo has ever produced. The renovation and furnishing of the exhibition space has been made possible by housingcorporation Antares from Tegelen.

Jean Laudy was born in Venlo in 1877. In 1894 he moved to Belgium to become proficient in painting at the Academy in Antwerp. Later he attended the Academy of Fine Arts and the free drawing school La Patte Dindon and L ‘Effort in Brussels. Laudy died in 1956 at age 78.

Grote Kerkstraat 29 in Venlo

Opening times:
Mondays 11am – 4pm

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