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Kasteel Van Breda (Breda Castle)


The Breda castle played a major role in the history of the city. The Spaniards in 1590 owned the city and camped in the castle. It is located in the central city of Breda in the castle square. The castle is now a very popular touristic destination. The castle is located on the ground of the Royal Military Academy and can only be visited under the guidance of a tour guide.

There is also the tower of the Spanjaardsgat and the House of Brecht, the oldest stone house of Breda. The castle is listed among the top 100 of Dutch UNESCO monuments.


During the 12th century there was a fortress located at Breda. The city of Breda was built near the fortress. In 1350, the Duke of Brabant sold Breda to Jan II of Polanen (Baron of Breda) ordered to reinforce the castle with four towers and a channel. The castle was incorporated into the defense of Breda.

The daughter of the Baron of Breda, Johanna of Polanen married in 1403 to a German Duke named Engelbert I of Nassau. Their son, Jan IV of Nassau enlarged the castle at this period and was included shortly after 1403 the court of the castle of Breda. This is where the many possessions of Nassau were recorded. It was during this period that started the relationship between the Netherlands and the House of Orange-Nassau.

Henry III of Nassau-Breda transformed the castle into a Renaissance palace in 1536. After his death in 1538, his son Rene of Chalon finished the castle and built a chapel in 1540. When he died without any children, the castle became the property of his German cousin, William I of Orange and was used again for military functions during the battle with the Spanish during the

Dutch revolt

King William III of England built on the castle between 1686 and 1695, but he and his successors did not stay there. In the 18th century it was used as a military barracks and military hospital.

What To Expect


The castle is located on the ground of the Royal Military Academie and the entrance is only allowed with a guide. Also required is a registration in advance with ID. There is a registration fee of € 7.95 and € 6.95 for children.

Organized Walks And Tours

It is possible to embark on an organized walk around the castle ground which will take you even to a visit to the Royal Military Academy.


A gallery that includes designed posters about the travels of Count Henry III of Nassau


A library with various literatures covering the entire period which includes a reading room is a popular spot in this castle or tourists who comes to explore rare reading materials.


Throughout the year various expositions takes place around the castle. The exposition gives account of various periods in the history of the castle such as Philip II during the eighty years war (1568-1648), or the Spanish way in the footsteps of the Tercio’s “back to Spain, and more.

How To Get There

The castle is open only a few times a year to the public and visitor are welcomed provided they are on a guided tour. It is located at, Castle Square 10, 4811 XC, Breda, City of Breda, Noord – Brabant, and can be reached by various means of public transport, taxi, bus, and tram or by car.

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