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Kasteeltuinen Arcen

Castle Arcen - Waterfall

This spectacular 17th century castle and grounds was built by the Duke of Guelders on the site of a previous historic castle. A fire in the 19th century ruined some of the symmetry of the building, but most of the castle is still open to visitors. It is possible to see many period rooms and furniture which dates back hundreds of years. However, for many people, the highlight of the trip is strolling through the grounds of the estate and marveling at the rich and varied gardens. Highlights of the garden include:

Water Garden and Sculpture Park

The water garden and sculpture park is a large, open plan garden area, centered around seven ponds of various sizes. These ponds are home to a wide variety of birds, fish and aquatic plant species. Visitors can stroll around the garden at their leisure, admiring the wonderful collection of sculptures which are on show. One of the current highlights is an outdoor exhibition called Stone Dreams, featuring a selection of sculptures created by Zimbabwean artists and Alice Musarara.


These greenhouses are divided into three main climate zones; tropical, Mediterranean and arid. There is also a Koi carp pond on the promenade where a number of prized Koi carp live.


The Rosarium at Castle Arcen is one of the best rose gardens in the Netherlands. Split into 10 parts, each section has its own theme, and they include a mixture of climbing roses, rambler roses and other roses. One of the rose garden areas is specifically dedicated to roses which a named after famous people, places and fictional characters. This area is divided into sections dedication to musicians, fairy tale characters, artists, cities and more. There is also a quaint tea room nestled amongst the rose gardens, which used to be the groundskeepers hut.

Mountain Pavilion

The mountain pavilion area is another great place for families who want to spend a little time relaxing after their exploration of the house and gardens. The pavilion itself serves an array of hot and cold refreshments, and the terrace provides the perfect place to sit and admire some of the gardens finest features, including the spectacular waterfall feature. In the vicinity of the pavilion, there is a minigolf course and a children’s play area, which will help to keep the children entertained as you sit back and relax.

Visitor Information

In 2014, the gardens will be open between April 5 and November 2, from 10am – 6pm every day. Entrance tickets for adults cost €15, tickets for children aged 4 -17 inclusive cost €7.50 and entrance for children aged 3 and under is free. Family tickets are available at a discounted price. Some sections of the castle or grounds may be closed to visitors if a private party or wedding is being held at the venue.

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