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The Kijktuinen Gardens – Nunspeet

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The Kijktuinen in Nunspeet, in the centre of the Netherlands, is a spectacular garden area which is bordered by a wonderful woodland and nature reserve area. Approximately 2 hectares of the 4.5 hectare gardens have been created by the renowned garden and landscape architect LJ Goedegebuure, whilst the rest has been created by a team of experience gardeners. These gardens are the perfect place for a tranquil and relaxing day out.

Themed Gardens

Kijktuinen Nunspeet 1There are various different themed areas in the garden, including a garden of herbs. Visit this area for inspiration on creating your own kitchen garden. Whilst not all of the herbs are used in cooking (some are medicinal or used for their fragrance), you will certain realise the practical uses of plants during your visit to this section. The Garden of Grasses area helps to highlight that grass does not just have to be short, green and on your lawn. With a multitude of different sizes of grass on show, this is the perfect place to visit on a sunny day with a light breeze, as the grasses will practically dance around you.

Plaza Alhambra

This Moorish style garden has taken much of its inspiration from the Alhambra in Spain. Wander around the grounds and through the arches to fully enjoy the beautiful Mediterranean colours, as you imagine yourself lapping up the Spanish sun. This area of the garden also contains water features to further heighten the experience.

Peat Garden

Kijktuinen Nunspeet 3The Peat Garden section of the park is very unusually, because it serves to highlight a large number of plants which are not traditionally cultivated. The twisted paths covered in wood chipping are reminiscent of the walks through outdoor nature areas, and you will be able to wander past a natural water source on your journey through this section. Most of the plants here have been chosen because of their love of moist, sour soils, such as peat.

Visitor Information

The gardens and nursery are open from March until Good Friday, on Wednesday – Saturday only, between 10am to 5pm. From Good Friday until October, the park is open Monday to Saturday inclusive, from 10am to 5pm. Entrance fees for adults are €7.50 per person, including a free tea or coffee, tickets for children aged from 11 -16 years old are €5 per person, tickets for children aged 3 – 11 are €3 per person, and children under 3 years of age are allowed free entrance. All ticket prices are reduced by €2 per person during March and April. The last Thursday of every month is a Theme Day, where visitors will be treated to guided tours and discussions on a pre-determined theme. Tickets for all theme days are €9 per person.

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