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Legal drinking age increased to 18

Heineken beer - two glasses

Since the first of january 2014 the legal drinking age in the Netherlands has been increased by two years from 16 to 18 years. The government hopes to soon see results in the behaviour of the youth, however expects it could take up to a year to really see results. One of the main reasons for the change in the legal drinking age is the increased health effects alcohol has on young people. The government explains that a developing brain can be seriously harmed by alcohol. In response to the fact that the brain continues to grow into the mid 20s, the government has stated that the line has to be drawn somewhere.

I’ve looked up some fact and found that the average age when a person drinks alcohol for the first time is 13.1 and from 15 to 16  years of age people start to drink in larger quantities. In 2012 706 persons under the age of 18 where rushed to the hospital because of alcohol consumption. Nothing wrong in trying to change those figures in my opinion!