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The Leiden American Pilgrim Museum

Leiden American Pilgrim Museum

The Leiden American Pilgrim Museum in Leiden was established to recreate the story related to the exile of all the Leiden Pilgrims, who were responsible for founding the Colony of Plymouth in 1620 in the New England area. This museum was constructed in the oldest datable house in the Leiden area, which was built in approximately 1370.

The two rooms of this museum are full of items, papers and images that are directly from this era, giving visitors a glimpse into the history of a nation. Small, yet packed with history, this museum should be on a “must visit” list for anyone who loves history.

LAPMF (Leiden American Pilgrim Museum Foundation) is a non-profit, Dutch educational and cultural building, which was chartered in 1997. It works to promote awareness of how significant the Pilgrims were in the heritage of Dutch-Americans.

What to Expect

This museum is located in a house that has been beautifully preserved close to the well-known Hooglandskerk clock tower. It is designed to tell the stories of the founders of the New England area, the Pilgrims. The furnishings that are present are authentic to the time of the Pilgrims and expresses the various aspects of their day to day life.

The events of the Pilgrims history are illustrated with a collection of 16th and 17th century engravings and maps from artists such as Jacques de Gheyn, Adriaen van Ostade, Adrian van de Venne and Gerad Mercator.

Learn Interesting Facts about the Pilgrims from the Museum Curator

The museum itself is not an ordinary museum, but rather more of a time portal that takes visitors back in time to listen to the stories of the past from a museum curator who is well-versed on the history of the Pilgrims.

While this museum is only composed of two rooms, the history within the walls is vast, giving visitors an exciting and informative glimpse into the past. After all, who knew that the journey of the Pilgrims brought them to the Netherlands? Very few; however, this museum has documented this time in history, bringing it back to life for visitors.

Interesting Features

There are no glass cases, no recordings, no barriers, no labels and no apps. This museum offers a chance for visitors to receive a first-hand, hands-on experience of the material culture and the daily life of the pilgrims during their sojourn in Leiden in an environment that is authentic.

This is not the typical, modern, corporate museum experience that most expect. Rather a personal, close and unique trip back in time led by a curator who knows more about this period of time than any other.

For anyone wanting a unique experience back in history, the Leiden American Pilgrim Museum offers just that. No bells and whistles, but rather an authentic glimpse back to a simpler time. There are no modern spins at this museum, yet it is a visit that you are likely not going to soon forget.

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