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Lion Mill Aalsmeer (Korenmolen De Leeuw)

Korenmolen De Leeuw Aalsmeer
The small town of Aalsmeer seems to be a great place for a romantic getaway. Although it is best known for the flower auction, it boasts with some other interesting sites such as the Lion Mill.

The Lion Mill, Korenmolen De Leeuw in Dutch, is located at the heart of Aalsmeer. As it is still working, the mill is open for public on scheduled days. Though closed for visitors over the rest of the week, the sound of clanking milestones piques one’s interest in it.


The mill’s name comes from the country’s national symbol, the Dutch lion. The beginnings of the mill can be traced to 1547, when Claes Janszoon asked the authorities to let him build a mill. They approved and the mill was built in the Aalsmeer’s center in 1863. The mill underwent two restorations. The first one took place in 1969, while the last one took place in 1995.

It interesting to mention that this mill has never been owned by any wealthy or noble family. The mill has been used to grind corn flour, the practice that the visitors can see and experience firsthand.

What to Expect

Korenmolen De Leeuw Aalsmeer - avond

The Netherlands is famous for its mills and the Lion Mill is just as beautiful as the rest of them.

Towering the Town

The 20-meter- high tower of the mill stands on the octagon platform, raising above other buildings in its immediate surroundings and catching the wind to grind corn flour. De Leeuw is a flour mill that has two sets of millstones that crush corn into flour, securing faster grinding.

Mills of the Netherlands Exhibition

The first floor of the mill features an exhibition that gives a nice overview of different kinds of mills in the Netherlands, and provides some additional information about their positioning and purposes.

A Tour Of De Leeuw Mill

The mill is open to public on every Tuesday and Saturday. Visitors are welcome to climb the mill to the hoisting floor, from where they have a beautiful vista over the town. In addition, those interested in the entire process of grinding and organization within a mill can take a tour guided by a volunteer from the mill.

The tour blends interesting and fun content with hands-on experience. The guide takes the visitors to the higher floors and explains the floor making process and the way the mill operates. If the miller is there on Tuesdays, the visitors can see how the flour is made and corn crushed in the millstones.  In addition, to keep and taste the sweet memory of this place, visitors can buy various flour products.

Getting Around

The mill is open on Tuesday from 1pm to 4:30 pm and on Saturday, from 1pm to 4 pm. The ticket price is 1 euro and 20 cents, which is a bargain for such a unique tourist destination.

Located in the town center and near to the bike route, it is quite accessible for those who are in town and want to walk or ride a bicycle. If you are coming from Central station in Amsterdam, get on a bus number 172 and get off in Aalsmeer.

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