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Mayor of London calls Amsterdam Sleazy!

Boris Johnson

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, called Amsterdam sleazy during the People’s Question Time meeting last Tuesday in Waltham Forest. Reason for calling Amsterdam sleazy is the tolerant drug policy of the Netherlands. The mayor said the Dutch approach is outdated and advocates the ‘war on drugs’ approach of the British and American government.

Johnson said parts of the center of Amsterdam are sleazy due the Dutch approach. It seems a recent critical report on the hard approach of soft drugs in Britain was reason for these harsh (unfounded) claims.


  1. As more and more US states legalize marijuana, the British government is also just starting to realise that the “war on drugs” doesn’t work. (BTW: Please check the spelling and English. 🙁 )

  2. nothing more “sleazy” than him and his rich mates buying up the NHS at knock down prices same as the royal mail

  3. Captain Spectacular

    A significant percentage of the people that are part of “sleazy” amsterdam is tourists. Moreover, a significant percentage of said tourists are British. The drug policy has nothing to do with alcohol consumption.