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Miniworld Rotterdam – Big in Fun

Miniworld Rotterdam

If you are looking for a little fun, then take a trip to Miniworld Rotterdam for a unique experience for the whole family. Miniworld is Benelux’s largest “miniature” museum, and is enjoyed by adults and children alike. This indoor attraction in Rotterdam is the perfect place to visit, whatever the weather.

The important numbers

The Miniworld exhibition covers over 500 square meters and it contains thousands of tiny, intricately detailed miniature figurines. In the display zone there are over 27000 figures, 7000 trees, 2800 buildings, 5 penguins, 3 super heroes and a llama! Over 150 trains with 1800 different wagons run around the tracks in the exhibition, covering over 2.3 km of tracks in total. Around 200 square meters of the display represent Rotterdam, and this miniature world contains accurate representations of some of the city’s most famous sights, including the Euromast, the Erasmus Bridge, the port and Rotterdam Central Station. Other areas which are represented include the coast and polder landscape. 23 PCs are used to control the trains, the thousands of miniature lights and the other moving components which help to give Miniworld the feel of a real life landscape.

Day and Night

In Miniworld, a day is represented by 24 minutes, rather than 24 hours, therefore visitors have the chance to experience a simulation of the passage of time in this tiny world. When night falls, thousands of miniature bulbs light up within the miniature buildings to give the impression for a bustling city at night. Beautiful soft lighting sequences are used to represent morning and evening across the landscape.

Guided Tours

If you are intrigued about the inner workings of Miniworld, take a guided tour to have the opportunity to see backstage. Here you will find out how all of the lights are controlled and how the trains keep running so perfectly to schedule. You will also be able to see the model workshop, where you can find out how the models in Miniworld are designed and made. Whilst the tours are not suitable for younger children (they would ruin some of the magic of the exhibition!), they are perfect for anyone with a real interest in the technical side of model making and display.

Visitor Information

Entrance tickets for adults cost €9.85, tickets for children cost €7.30 and tickets for adults aged 65+ cost €8.45. Visitors under 2 get free entry with an adult. Tours start from €4 per person for 30 minutes. It is possible to buy combination tickets for Miniworld and some of Rotterdam’s other major attractions.

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