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Molen de Adriaan in Haarlem

Molen de Adriaan in Haarlem
Molen de Adriaan is located near the town center in Haarlem in the Netherlands. For centuries, the tower mill has been a striking feature of the city skyline. In the mill, visitors will be able to enjoy a 45-minute tour to learn plenty of information about Mill Adriaan and the significance of mills in general.

History of Molen de Adriaan

Molen de Adriaan was constructed when Adriaan de Booys founded the Goevrouwetoren, the support of the Catrijnenpoort of the city in the south. The expansion of Haarlem in the late 18th century made the gate redundant and de Booys purchased the tower as well as the land that surrounds it on April 214, 1778. The foundations were reinforced with wooden poles making a 34-meter mill above the rivers` level and the city around it. The official opening of De Adriaan took place on May 19, 1779.

When De Booys obtained permission to construct a windmill that would produce tanbark, paint and cement, he had the windmill erected under Henricus Ruijsch`s supervision. De Booys was the city`s only cement producer for 25 years. The windmill changed hands in 1802. Its new owner Cornelis Kraan acquired it for 1650 guilders. The mill was transformed into a tobacco mill for the production of tobacco snuff.

In 1865, then owner J. Van Berloo put a steam engine in the windmill; however, this did not commercially succeed. Vereniging De Hollandsche Molen, a windmill society, bought the windmill in 1925 to prevent demolition. A 1930 storm seriously damaged the windmill.

The windmill burnt down on April 23, 1932 but the people of Haarlem immediately collected money to rebuild the mill. In 1963, the municipality of Haarlem owned the mill and attempted to restore it. However, it failed because it lacked funds.
De Adriaan was reconstructed based on the 1995 plans made by the municipality. On April 23, 2002, Windmill De Adriaan was reopened.

What to Expect

The windmill currently houses a small museum providing guided tours and uses visual installations and models to provide tourists the information on the Molen de Adriaan`s history and other windmills in the Netherlands. There is a decked spot outside the windmill that provides amazing views over Haarlem. Although not usually in use, the windmill is completely functional and can grind grain.

The mill has four floors. A display of the mill Ruben and its history can be found on the ground floor. On the second floor, visitors will know more about the mill`s technology. A slide and video presentation is present on the third floor. The final floor is the miller`s domain.

How to Get There

You walk from the Haarlem station and cross the Pass Parklaan Cross Jansweg and stores located below the New Canal then turn left. When you reach the end of the canal, you can see Ruben. Cross the road keeping your direction on the left until you cross the bridge. Going to the first or second left will get you to De Adriaan. The windmill works for tourists mostly on holidays and Saturdays.

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