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Molen De Put (Mill) in Leiden

Molen De Put - Leiden
Molen De Put, located the city of Leiden, is a beautiful and historical windmill. Windmills are a fundamental part of Leiden’s image as a town. At Molen De Put, visitors will learn all about milling history and the significance of windmills in Dutch culture. It’s a place that blends history, culture, fun and food together. It’s a great place to learn new stuffs and to enjoy.


The original mill is dated as far back as 1619, and the first mill in 1640 was burnt down. After this occurrence, the mill was then rebuilt in 1729. This Mill, known as The Coornbloem / Cornflower / The Flour Mill (Walmolen), was again destroyed in 1817. Archaeologists later discovered in 1982 the foundation of the octagonal mill stronghold.

And in 1983, during the 25th anniversary, the Rhenish Mill foundation started with the idea to develop a mill at the old bastion. This concept was gradually achieved four decades later. The mill has a municipal monument status, and next to the mill is the Rembrandt Bridge, which was designed in 1983.

What to Expect

Molen De Put offers tourists fun and memorable sights and experiences. It’s a place that blends history, culture, fun and food together.

The Mills

  • The standerd mill “The Well” 1619 – 1729
  • The proposition mill “Cornflower” 1729 – 1813
  • The Morschpoort barracks 1817 -1981

Rebuilding Mill De Put 1987

Tourists get to see the architectural masterpiece of the mills and the various activities that are being carried out in the mill. Various activities do go on around the mill, those include the sale of the mill byproducts such as flour usually on Saturdays.

Wheat flours are available at the mill in different sizes and different prices depending on what you want and what you can afford. Other products available apart from wheat flour are Rye flours, Spelt flour, Zeeland flower, Multigrain flower, Pancakes, and so on. These delicacies are things that keep drawing thousands of tourists to Molen De Put.

Book and DVD about mill Putt

At the mill, visitors get to see and buy this particular Book on 25 years Molen De Put, put together by Foundation Molen De Put a quarter-century mill Putt. It discusses the importance of the mill in Leiden, the history, construction, miller, etc. Color photos show how important the mill is for the Leiden cityscape.

In the book, there is also a DVD, a movie about the rebuilding in 1986 and 1987. The book together with the DVD costs around 10 euros.


Care to see one of the best historical sawmills in Holland, d’Heesterboom can also be found at the mill, it was built in the year 1804 and located at 79 Haagweg, and it functions as a sawmill owned by Foundation mill d’Heesterboom. d’Heesterboom is the only remaining sawmill. From 1856 the mill was owned by the family Noordman.

In the 90s, there is a foundation which was aimed to raise funds for a thorough restoration carried out in 1992. The mill still regularly saw trees into planks and is among the top three monuments in the area. By building near the mill, foundation problems do occur. Currently there are facilities affected, thus can operate the mill again.

How to Get There

To get to the mill, from the station, town side, cross the station and walk straight ahead to follow the Stationstraat this road, passing a bridge linking mill Falcon and legal Museum of Ethnology. Steenstraat, continue straight, left a square (Cattle) straight Brief Galgewater right angle to follow along the Historic Port. The place can be visited mostly on Sundays from 11-16 hours as the blades rotate.

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