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Museum Hilversum

Museum Hilversum
A museum that is as impressive as it is function is what the Museum Hilversum is all about.  A historical landmark that is also open for public gatherings complete with amenities should be worth more than just a visit.  A part of the museum is even dedicated to the architect who designed the town hall (which was already an architectural masterpiece at the time of its completion in 1931), Willem Marinus Dudok.

Quick History

The site where the Museum Hilversum is located, was once the original town center.  The great fire in 1766 almost burned everything down to the ground but a part of it remains and is now part of the museum.  The building itself has undergone a lot of renovations and extensions over the years but has mainly served as a depository for town’s local history and art.  Quite a number of architects and designers have also contributed their talent and ideas to what the museum has now become.

What to Expect

The Museum Hilversum has been considered by the people not just as an ideal wedding party venue but also perfect for formal gatherings, parties, and business events.  Its varied collection of paintings and drawings from the late 1800s to the numerous collections of various media of late make for a memorable theme for any occasion, not to mention the culture and architecture it evokes by itself.

It also offers catering with a wide selection of culinary delights.  A consultation could be arranged to meet and satisfy the client’s needs to organize a special event.

What museum does not exhibit paintings and artworks of internationally acclaimed artists?  But Museum Hilversum is a firm believer of supporting the local artists dabbling in various media.  And from time to time, lectures are also held by these same artists, free of charge for everyone to enjoy, from budding artists, to children, to just about anyone who is interested.

Also, in collaboration with the FilmTheater Hilversum, an educational program was set up for students to immerse them in art, history and film at an early age.

The museum also arranges a guided walking tour around the museum and its vicinity ending with a climb up the tower overlooking the town of Hilversum, truly a sight to behold.  This brings nostalgia as well as a renewed appreciation for the wonderful presence of art all around, architecture and design at its best.

There is also a dedicated tour to the life’s works of Dudok (his 40 year career produced more than 75 buildings) around Hilversum. Planning visitors can call their office at (035) 533 9601 for the tour schedule and prices or inquire from their website at www.museumhilversum.nl.
How To Get There

The Museum Hilversum is located at Kerkbrink 6, 1211 BX Hilversum.  So, coming from the town hall, it is just a short 8 minute or 650 meter walk via Oude Enghweg, turning left to ‘s-Gravelandseweg then finally to the right onto Kerkbrink.

Hilversum Museum is built with everyone’s needs in mind.  Specially designed lifts and restrooms are in place for the disabled and elderly visitors.   Different cafes offer different fares to the weary and hungry.

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