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Museum of the Grocers company

Museum voor het kruideniersbedrijf

The Museum of the Grocers company (in Dutch: Museum voor het kruideniersbedrijf) in Utrecht is located in a small, early 17th century house situated in a courtyard between Hoogt and the Lange Jansstraat. Both inside and outside prevails a sense of calm and an authentic historical feeling. Without effort you imagine yourself in the time of nurse Boerhave, a grocer woman from the 19th century.


The Museum of the Grocers Company is in a small, early 17th century house. This is a place where nurse Boerhave, a grocer woman from the 19th century dedicated so much of her time. The previous residents and their living circumstances were also tailored to the Utrecht condition. The museum is also popular as the Nurse Boerhave Museum.

The Netherlands has always been recognized as a trading nation. In the Middle Ages, the pedlars and hawkers were common sights, same as the many markets. The wholesale food occurs when nations on the Mediterranean, North Sea and Baltic will barter their goods on a large scale. Consequently, the foreign countries were exposed and confronted The Netherlands with the trade in “Colonial Were”. Goods like coffee, tea, tobacco, herb and spices were traded.

The sales people and the markets are steadily being substituted by unyielding sales, the forerunners of the grocery. The grocers continued working and remained until the middle of the 19th century.

Due to the good sales of the sweets and house hold products as well as the private donations, the museum still operates until these days. No subsidy is given to the Museum of the Grocers Company. At present, this is run by twelve enthusiastic lady volunteers. This fun and informative historic piece is contributing to energetic vibe of Utrecht and everyone can enjoy it for free.

What to Expect

The museum has always been a commercial establishment composed of exhibition place and a shop. The shop is welcoming and provides an assortment of merchandise which includes (church) mints, polka chunks Ulevellen, and semolina. These are neatly balanced with copper calibrated weights.

Lots of companies felt honored to be a part of the showcase exhibitions, which also offer varying look. This is in addition to the unending grocery item exhibitions such as Sunlight soap in packages from World War II to the present, an old coffee burner and the approximately complete range of products that visitors could buy with the alia, DE, Droste and Nutricia. Also, there are contemporary licorice species, chunks glucose into new forms.

Another thing that attracts more visitors is the guestbook. Ever since the museum began in the early 80’s of the last century, visitors can write down their memories and experiences upon their visit. You can leave a message in the Grocery Museum’s guestbook.

The diary of Nurse Betty Boerhave is also an important piece located under the floor of the Museum Grocery shop. In her diary, her experiences in the late 19th century are written. All these are well-recorded in a 7-part series.

How to Get There

The Museum of the Grocers Company is a five-minute walk from the Dom Tower and the Cathedral Square. The museum is 3-minute walk from the City Hall.

The museum is open from Tuesday to Saturday. If you are planning a group visit, it is recommended to give a call in advance.

Hoogt 6
3512 GW Utrecht

Opening times:
Tuesday till Saturday: 12:30am – 4pm

Official website: http://www.kruideniersmuseum.nl/

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